We can all admit: finding the motivation to exercise can be hard, and it’s even harder when you don’t like the activity. I’m exhausted. My mind is too stressed. It’s cold and wet outside, I should just binge-watch a Netflix series… These are all classic excuses we’ve all probably said to ourselves at one point or another.

     to get out of going to the gym or that HIIT class you forgot you booked last week when you were in the mood.

    Consciously, we waste a lot of energy trying to find ways to get out of workouts. However, have you ever considered that we make it out to be much worse than it is? After all, it’s not about completing a marathon every week or training for a competitive event.

    It doesn’t even have to be every day – we’re just talking about a 20 to 50 minute jog or workout.

    Time to get our sweat on and smash those mental barriers!

    Get 6 essential tips from Supreme Sports Fitness on how to keep yourself motivated, create your personalised fitness routine, learn why physical activity is so important, and how to change your mindset about it.

    Get Changed into Your Active Gear

    what kind of clothes should I wear to the gym

    The best way to motivate yourself to exercise is to get dressed without thinking about it first. After you put on your workout clothes, you’ll probably find it harder to just lie down on the sofa and relax. Wear something you feel good wearing and that fits you well. Whether you prefer bright colours or black all the way, the way the clothes feel when you exercise is the most important factor.

    Cut Out Unhealthy Eating Habits

    Foods that are processed, high in sugar, and unhealthy provide your body with very little energy. Foods like these decrease your energy, make you sluggish, demotivated, and irritable. Consume a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as protein, carbohydrates, and fat. With this plan, you’re much more likely to reach your fitness goals.

    Be Realistic With Your Fitness Goals

    If you’re new to exercising, your initial fitness goals may be too ambitious to achieve immediately.

    The majority of newcomers tend to go for really big goals, but they find themselves overwhelmed rather quickly.

    Start by practicing for about 20 minutes daily, then build up to an hour. Set more reasonable, achievable goals, like performing cardio or lifting weights 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a week.

    Keep Track of Your Progress

    Whether you keep a fitness journal online or in a traditional workout journal, keep track of your workouts. It motivates you to keep going when you see improvements, whether you are running faster or doing more reps.

    Find An Exercise Plan You Enjoy

    You may be doing the wrong activity if you are having trouble getting motivated. Or maybe you liked it once, but it’s become boring now. When you do activities you enjoy, you will be looking forward to them. 

    fitness goals

    The gym is not the only place where you can exercise. It may be more fun to go surfing or hiking, or to participate in a charity 5K run or walk.

    Generally speaking, don’t exercise the same way all the time. Don’t forget to mix it up! Run, ride your bike, or use an app that trains you with bodyweight. It’s an excellent way to make your workout routine more enjoyable so you will stay motivated longer.

    Schedule A Regular Workout Time

    Some of the most dedicated exercisers do their workouts every day before sunrise or at night after the kids have gone to bed. Make time for your body every day by planning your weekly schedule.

    Creating a schedule can boost an individual’s sense of energy, which motivates them to exercise regularly. Staying in bed is easy. It’s not enough to simply set an alarm. You need to go the extra mile. When you do so, you will feel more energetic and have greater efficiency throughout the day.

    It is nearly impossible to succeed if you convince yourself that you’ll work out after the last Zoom meeting of the day, when your children go down for a nap, or when your spouse arrives home from work. 

    Whether it’s a last-minute invitation, bad weather, or the kids not napping, there’s a good chance you’ll skip that workout. Your workout should be on your calendar, you should schedule childcare and rearrange your life around this one hour. Use technology to help you stay on track, such as e-mail reminders, workout journals, or apps.


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