Are you looking for a way to burn 2000 calories on the treadmill? Working out is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, but knowing how many calories you burn can be challenging. If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor your calorie expenditure while working out, the treadmill is a perfect solution. Not only does the machine tell you how long and fast you’ve been exercising in minutes and miles per hour, but it also tells you how many calories burned in that workout session. Here is how to burn 2000 calories on a treadmill.

    1. Increase the Speed

    Starting with a five-mile per hour walk is great, but if you want to burn 2000 calories on a treadmill, you’ll need to increase the speed. If you are new to exercising, start at six miles per hour and slowly work your way up until you achieve your desired calorie burn. Just remember that increasing speeds too quickly can lead to injuries, so build up your momentum gradually.

    1. Add Hills

    Adding a hill workout to your treadmill routine is a perfect way to burn more calories and increase the intensity of your workout without increasing the speed or duration of the session. If you haven’t been exercising very long, start by adding one minute per hill workout to your regular treadmill routine. As you get more comfortable with hill workouts, add an additional one minute each week until you can complete a 20-minute session that includes five minutes of hills.

    1. Burn 1000 Calories in a Half-Hour

    Do you want to burn lots of calories but don’t have enough time? Well, you need to consider increasing the intensity of your workout. If you are new to exercising, start by walking at five miles per hour for 30 minutes. Once comfortable with that workout, increase the intensity by adding one-minute hills to your routine. With time and patience, you can incorporate both speed work and hill workouts into a 30-minute half-hour session that will have you burning 2000 calories.

    1. Burn an Additional 560 Calories in a Half-Hour

    If you want to ramp up the intensity, try this workout: Jog a quarter-mile at five miles per hour pace, walk/jog another quarter-mile and repeat for 20 minutes. By doing this circuit workout, you’ll burn an additional 560 calories by the end of your 30-minute workout. All the calorie-burning can add up, so keep track of how many calories you’ve burned each time you work out on the treadmill so you know what your goal should be next time. See, it’s not too hard to burn 2000 calories on a treadmill. It just takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.

    1. Burn 1000 Additional Calories Each Week

    The next step to burning 2000 calories on a treadmill is consistency. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, make sure you consistently fit them into your schedule for at least 30 minutes, four to six days per week. This allows you to build up your speed and intensity on the treadmill while also burning the most calories possible over time. Of course, if you can fit more than 30 minutes of exercise into your schedule each day, that’s great too.

    1. Learn the Proper Form on the Treadmill

    Ensure you are working out safely when you’re on the treadmill. This means wearing the right shoes and clothes for your workout, checking your stride length to ensure it’s long enough that you aren’t over striding (to avoid injury), and keeping proper form throughout your workout, so you avoid injuries too.


    Working out on a treadmill is a great way to burn lots of calories, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any extra equipment. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and some motivation, and you can burn 2000 calories on a treadmill.


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