So, you may have noticed when it comes to the gym, people choose to wear a wide range of different clothing options. But now you have more questions! We all know that it is not a good idea to arrive at the gym wearing sandals and skinny jeans, or a tuxedo. But what exactly is suitable and proper gym wear, and how can these choices help elevate your performance.

    Even though going to the gym should be about what you do there and not what you wear, it’s still important to feel comfortable in the clothes you workout in. Plus, when you look good and feel good, your self-confidence increases. Wearing suitable clothing that helps you feel good and motivated can help push you to the next level and achieve your fitness goals. 

    If you are new to the gym or working out as a whole, this article from Supreme Sports Fitness will answer any questions you may have about what to wear to the gym. However, if you are experienced and regularly visit the gym, you might still learn some new pointers that could help improve your weekly exercise routine.

    what kind of top should I wear to the gym

    Gym Wear Tops

    The style and material that you prefer to wear to the gym should enable you to remain dry, unrestricted, and positive. Your main objective when at the gym should be pushing your body to its limits, and you should feel self-conscious or awkward in the apparel you are wearing. What gym clothes you choose also depends on the type of workout you are undertaking on that day. The fit of the clothes you wear to the gym should provide you with the highest level of freedom without constricting your movements. As the gym often features a wide range of bending and stretching motions, the clothes you choose should allow this.


    Gym tops built from soft, breathable materials are the most suitable option as they help manage sweat and maintain your body temperature throughout. Some people choose baggy, relaxed-fitting clothes, while some opt for tight-fitting. Ultimately, there is no wrong choice and the decision comes down to personal preference. The main thing to take into consideration is that your clothing does not limit your movements.


    One of the most sought-after qualities in womens’ gym wear tops is that provide a high level of support. Sufficient support can be make-or-break for your workout. Take, for example, a sports bra. Choosing the right supportive sports bra can help to prevent breast pain while performing cardio. Constant chest bounces can not only produce unnecessary pain that the right choice of gym top could easily prevent.


    The type of accessories worn can vary depending on what exercises you are performing that day and what part of the body you are targeting. These range from belts to gloves, resistance bands and phone holders. Gloves are often used by weightlifters as they protect your skin when lifting heavy dumbells or bar weights. While wireless headphones make things easier by preventing the wire from being caught when performing exercises.


    Choosing suitable and comfortable footwear for the gym is extremely important. Wear the wrong shoe and not only will you most likely have a bad workout, but you also put yourself at the risk of injury. It goes without saying but still needs to be said. when it comes to the gym it’s important to put fashion before function. High heels, heavy boots and flip flops are prime examples of bad footwear choices. Sandals or loose-fitting trainers will limit your exercise, placing you at risk of injury. What you want to wear are lightweight trainers that are comfortable and cushion your feet when performing cardio, such as running or skipping. 


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